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To order, please fill out the following form. If your order will be shipped to Florida, we must collect Florida Sales Tax. Shipping and handling charges are for the contiguous 48 states and selected areas. For other areas, submit the form and we will e-mail shipping charges for your approval.

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Return Policy for PerfectFlash Products

Click on underlined part number for picture or more information

  P/N Description Unit Price Shipping Weight Quantity Extended Price
NEW F05-1 2005-2009 Mustangs Sequential Turn Signal System Upgrade to 2010 Operation
$ 159.95
1 lbs.

$ 0.00

NEW F10-1 DIY Modules kit for do-it-yourself installation
$ 89.95
0.5 lbs.

$ 0.00

NEW F60-1 Mustang conversion to 1968 Thunderbird Tail Lights
$ 159.95
1 lbs.

$ 0.00

  P/N Description Unit Price Shipping Weight Quantity Extended Price
  FL-3 FL-3 Precision Flasher
$ 29.95
0.25 lbs.

$ 0.00

NEW FL-3A FL-3A Precision Adjustable Flasher
$ 39.95
0.25 lbs.

$ 0.00



$ 0.00

Shipping and Handling Rates


Weight U.S.A contiguous 48 states
From 0 lbs. to less than 1 lbs. $8
1 lbs. or more, but less than 2 lbs. $11


more than 2 lbs. $15

USA (48)

For other areas E-mail to obtain charges. Please put the word "perfectflash" somewhere in the subject to get through our SPAM filters.
Or send order and we will advise you of shipping charges prior to shipment.


Total Weight

0 lbs.

Shipping and Handling

$ 0.00


Florida Sales Tax (7%)

$ 0.00


$ 0.00

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