How much is the entry fee?
All classes are $100.00 - even if you ride multiple classes.

I am 17 years old... can I race? NO! You MUST be 18 years or older to race this event. That means if if you were born after May 5, 1988 you can not race. Don’t blame us... blame your mom!

Do I have to be an AMA member? Yes... this is an AMA sanctioned event. If you are not a member, there is a place on the Entry Form for you to sign up at a discounted rate. If you are a member, you MUST bring your AMA card.

How do I know my entry has been confirmed?
Once we receive your Entry Form we will enter your information into the system. The amount of entries is limited. We will let you know as soon as possible if you are in. Please make sure to provide your e-mail address so we can contact you with the confirmation and up-dated race information.

What number do I run? We will assign a number to each entry. These numbers will be available at sign up and will be included in your rider package at no charge. They will be black numbers... you just need to have clean white backgrounds to apply them to. You must run the numbers we provide.

Is there a purse? Yes... $15,000 total for the two Expert Classes. There is a $7,500 purse for both the MM10E and the MM12E Classes. 1st Place = $4,000  2nd Place = $2,500  3rd = $1,000

Will there be any practice? Yes, each rider is assigned to a group. You will have designated practice times. These will be scheduled at specific times and will be available to you at Sign Up. You MUST show up at the correct time!

How much do I get to ride and how do Qualifiers work? Each class entry will have two Practice Sessions and one Qualifier. If you did not qualify there is a Last Chance Qualifier to get to the Main. You will ride a minimum of four times. Five times if you make it to the Main (through the LCQ) where you will be part of the final show! There will be approximately 20 riders per practice group, qualifier and in the final races.

Where do I park? Is there a Pit Area? There will be a designated Pit Area located at the rear of the arena with sufficient parking for your truck, box van or trailer. You will receive a Pit Parking Pass at Sign Up. Parking in the pit area will be limited to one vehicle per rider. There is plenty of free parking in the adjacent lot for family and friends. The pits are open FREE To The Public. You must be responsible for your own property.

Where will the Sign Up be?
Sign Up will be located at the main entry of the Orleans Arena. Follow the signs. Sign Up hours are from 9AM to 9PM on Thursday, May 4th and from 6AM to Noon on Friday May 5th. You MUST sign up by 7:30AM on Friday at the latest to make your practice sessions, otherwise you will go straight to your qualifier without practice.

Is there an area to test my bike? We will have a designated area where you can test your bike. You can only ride in this area. There is NO riding allowed in the other adjacent Arena parking lots, if you do... RIDERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Where do I fuel? All race participants must fuel in the designated fuel area. Upon arrival at the arena, we ask that all fuel canisters be marked with your name and placed in the fuel area. This is a Fire Marshall regulation.

What does my Race Credential do? Your Race Credential will provide access into the arena for your race only. You will also receive a ticket that provides a seat in the reserved general admission Riders Section for the final show on Friday night. The Race Credential is a wrist band that will be put on you at sign up and you must wear it from the time you sign up until you have completed racing.

What about hotel rooms? The Orleans Hotel is right next to the Arena. Your best bet is to stay there. The reservation number is 800-675-3267 or go on line to

Where do I buy tickets? Directly from the Orleans Arena on line at or
call 888-234-2334

Directions to the Orleans Arena: The Orleans Arena is located at 4500 West Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Take the 15 Freeway North to Tropicana Boulevard and go west about 3/4 of a mile. The hotel will be on the right hand side... the Orleans Arena is behind the hotel.

* Details, and times are subject to change