Thursday, May 4, 2006

9:00AM - 9:00PM Sign Up for Official Race Entries and Will Call
Friday, May 5, 2006
6:00AM - 12:00PM Sign Up for Official Race Entries
NOTE: In order to make practice sessions, you MUST Sign Up by 7:30AM otherwise you will miss all practice sessions
6:00AM - 6:00PM Will Call Open
8:00AM    Rider Practice Sessions Begin
9:00AM    Arena Open FREE To Public - Pit Bike Expo Begins
1:00PM    Rider Qualifying Rounds Begins
4:30PM    Arena Closes To Public For Show Preparation
7:00PM    Arena Doors Open To Public - Pit Bike Expo Resumes
8:30PM    Opening Ceremonies
8:45PM    Racing Starts
                    Race 1        MM10E - Heat One
                    Race 2        MM10E - Heat Two
                    Race 3        MM10A - Final
                    Race 4        MMW - Final
                    *Track Maintenance/Intermission
                    Race 5        MM12E - Heat One
                    Race 6        MM12E - Heat Two
                    Race 7        MM12A - Final
                    Race 8        MM10E - LCQ
                    Race 9        MM12E - LCQ
                    *Track Maintenance/Intermission
                    Race 10        MM Stock - Final
                    Race 11        MM10E - Final
                    Race 12        MM35+ - Final
                    Race 13        MM12E - Final                 
11:15PM   Victory Circle
*All times subject to revisions