The MiniMoto Pit Bike Expo will be held in conjunction with the Maxxis MiniMoto SX held inside the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Thursday & Friday May 3 & 4, 2007.

You can choose either to display in the Pits or inside the Orleans Arena in the concourse area. There are a LIMITED number of these booths available inside the arena. Booths inside the arena will be made available free to the public from 8AM to 6PM on both days and then to spectators from 7:30 to show end. The Pits are open to the public Thursday & Friday from 8AM to 8PM. The purchase of each booth space includes Two Industry Credentials that also provide a seat in the general seating area of the arena for the show. Event Announcements throughout the day are included. You are to provide a 50 word announcement.

Booth Space is available in 10 x 10 lots. Lot price is $1,000. Lot price does not include any drape, pipe or tables needed for your display... You need to provide your own set up. There will be no hidden set-up or union fees for move-in. Eazy-Ups are NOT allowed (inside the arena) or any other devise that serves as a roof that will interfere with the arena sprinkler systems. Fire marshall regulations state that there must be two points to exit from each display.

Industry Credentials for additional staff are available at $20 each. These credentials include access to the expo area and a seat in the general seating area of the arena for the show.

All Pit Bikes on display must be drained of fuel and placed on a protective carpet/mat. No engines will be allowed to run inside the Expo area. Booth availability is limited and is based on a first come first serve basis.
Note: Exact display hours may be subject to change.

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